10:00 AM Sunday Service

We believe that God has created the family to be a picture of the gospel itself. Husbands show off the glory of the gospel as they learn to love their wives sacrificially, just as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25). Wives show off the glory of the gospel as they learn to respect and support and help their husband’s leadership through their own gifts, as does the church to Christ (Ephesians 5:24).

And together, parents form a dynamic picture of the gospel for their children as they teach, nurture, and form Christ in their children (Eph 6:1).

We want to see the gospel shape each family that comes to Grace and so we place a high value on equipping and supporting the families of our church. Our ministries our designed to bring families closer together, not pull families apart.

For example, our Community Groups are places where families are encouraged to grow together. We invite any of the older children to participate in our conversation and discussion. They can watch and see God’s work in other families and be sharpened and encouraged.

Our Sunday Children’s Ministry is focused on teaching God’s Word at an age appropriate level. We view this as supplemental help for what the parents are doing at home. Some parents will benefit from being refreshed under the Word and having some additional teaching help. Others will want their children to stay in the main meeting and worship as a family. We want our parents to choose what they feel will work best for their family. Our environment is one where children are viewed as a blessing, not a distraction.

In addition, we will offer occasional classes/retreats on topics of marriage and parenting to help strengthen our church in the roles to which they’ve been called. It’s our hope that through a variety of means, formal and informal, the gospel will shine in our families and be passed down from generation to generation (Psalm 145).