Discipling Class – Sundays @ 9am

This Sunday we start back up our foundation classes. These are designed to help equip you in your faith and in the skill of living out that faith in every day life. One of the most asked questions is: What does it mean to disciple? Or to ask it another way: What do we mean when we say that every Christian is on the discipleship spectrum? And how does someone move from the left to the right? What’s involved in personally growing as a disciple and helping others to grow as well? How do we do that together as a local church?

These are the kinds of questions that we are going to explore and answer in this upcoming class. It’s our prayer that through this teaching, you would become more confident to open God’s Word for yourself and even to help others see what you are seeing. Let’s get after it together.

Class starts this Sunday at 9am – please register here!