Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, June 30, 2019

Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, June 30, 2019

Praise and Thanksgiving

We praise you, Father, that your love for us isn’t just a matter of words, but is a demonstrated and costly love! While we were still sinners, Christ died for us – a bloody, agonizing shameful and unjust death at Calvary as a result of our infinite offences against you! How great and how deep is your love for us, Father – truly as vast as the ocean! Thank you for the gracious cleansing tide – the mighty rivers that burst through the floodgates of your mercy and rescue a countless multitude for your Glory! Praise You, Father, that no-one will ever be able to separate us from your love and your mercy in Christ. Thank you that we will have all of eternity to exalt your Name and the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Grant success to the preaching of your Gospel around the world, in this land, this locality and this fellowship, Lord, so that the reward of our Savior may be consistent with the magnitude of the love He demonstrated and the sacrifice He made for His people. Hear us as we lift up these requests now to that end.

Global Topics

Gillingham Baptist Church, UK (Pastor: Simon Chase). Please draw people to the church and save many through the ministry. Give the fellowship a growing concern for the lost. One young woman in particular has been showing signs of spiritual concern – please open her heart to respond to the Gospel.

National Topics

May your churches in this land be brought back to You, Lord. May Pastors and elders who have strayed away, seeking their own fame and fortune ahead of yours be humbled. Otherwise, Lord, please remove them and replace them with men after your own heart, whose ministry may be powerful and effective in the lives of millions. Lord, please do something for the sake of your Name, so that the churches that bear it before the world may not treat it with contempt, but rather bring you honor and glory!

Local Topics

We pray for Liz Beck and the staff at Hope for Addiction. Please grant them wisdom and endurance as they disciple those rebuilding their lives in Christ from addiction. Grant growth in grace for the single moms being discipled. Move more churches to partner with H4A in their work. Please be at work to provide sufficient resources to sustain Freedom House as one center for this ministry.

Fellowship Topics

Give us grace to maintain our “one another” ministry during the summer months when several are away and routines are changed. Help us to encourage one another to stay close to you and to pray fervently for the life and wellbeing of the fellowship. Lord, we are your children and you have been so loving, so gracious and so kind to us. Reveal yourself to us in your Word this morning – show us more of Who you are. Nourish our souls on yourself and take us deeper into you!