Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, July 14, 2019

Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, July 14, 2019

Praise and Thanksgiving

We bow down and worship in your presence Lord, because we are not our own but we have been bought at a price. We adore you that this was not silver and gold, nor even the most costly earthly material we can conceive (because these are all perishable) but rather with the precious and imperishable blood of Christ – a Lamb without spot or blemish! Now we belong to you, Lord, and no longer to ourselves. Now you have given yourself to us, Lord Jesus, and forged a bond with us that no power in heaven, on earth or under the earth can break. We are indissolubly joined to you our Father, to you Lord Jesus, our Savior. We revel in our deliverance and in our union with Jesus this morning, and look forward to that Day when this union will be fully consummated. Hallelujah!

Global Topics

We pray for our brothers and sisters- your children – in China, Lord, as pastors are put in jail and churches are demolished. Give them grace to stand firm in the midst of persecution and so to live and love that countless thousands more may be joined to Christ and know with blessed assurance and foretaste of glory that he is theirs and they are his. Give them the assurance that they are not forgotten by believers around the world and if it please you, bring deliverance for them from these trials.

National Topics

Forgive us as a nation, Lord, that although you have blessed us so richly, we have turned our backs on you and gone after other gods of our own making. We have replaced you with superstition, light with darkness, the Creator with created things. We are prepared to believe almost anything except the truth, and to consult anyone for help except the one whose arms are stretched wide to receive us. We have put our trust in the visible and tangible signs of religion instead of in the one to whom they faithfully point us. Be merciful to us, Lord, because you are a merciful God. Take pity on us, as we are poor and blind and wretched but have no sense to understand it. We have no hope but you, our God – please work for your glory in this land!

Local Topics

Fellowship of Grace Church, led by Philip Glassmeyer. Pray for the Elders and Deacons to lead and serve in the power of the Spirit and for the congregation to be renewed in the gospel.

Fellowship Topics

You have baptized us with your Spirit, Father. May we be careful not to quench or grieve him away from us by the way we live but rather be clean vessels for him to fill with all the fullness of Christ, so your glory may shine in us and we may be a fruitful community and a faithful presence for you. Deal with us through your Word this morning so that this may be more and more true of us.