Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, January 19, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, January 19, 2020

Praise and Thanksgiving

Father, you are worthy to receive all glory and praise and honor! That is why you created all things and sustain them by your Word – to bring you glory. That is why we have been made and why you sent Jesus to save broken people from their sins – to bring you glory. That is why you will bring everything together again under one head – Jesus Christ – to bring you glory. Thank you, Father, that we have a part to play in this glorious and eternal purpose. Help us truly to enjoy you, and to glorify you forever!

Global Topics

We pray for the work being done in Northern Italy by Rob Krause and his family, a church planter from the States. May their efforts continue to reach into their community, giving the lost a sense of purpose and hope in the gospel. We rejoice with them, as even today they have sent out a team to plant a new church in the city of Conegliano! May your church in that area grow in influence for the sake of Christ’s name, and be blessed financially to continue the work!

National Topics

Be glorified in your churches in this land today, Father. Bless those who are faithful, restore those who are wandering, strengthen those who are weak. Clothe all of us with power through your Spirit to lift up Christ, that many may be drawn to Him.

Local Topics

We pray for Whitten Ave Bible Church, Chris Newkirk the pastor and the other Elders. Fill them with your spirit this morning, God, and open wide their vision of your glory so they will preach and lead and serve with glad and happy hearts.

Fellowship Topics

Please cause us to be more and more focused on Christ and his glory in us and in the church. Be present with those considering membership with us here as they meet later today. Be also with the Elders as they take time later in the week to seek you for blessing on the life of our church!