Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, February 02, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer Topics for Sunday, February 02, 2020

Praise and Thanksgiving

God, you stand in the heavens and you do whatever you please. There is no one like you in power and in might and in wisdom – O God, hear our prayers this morning as we seek your face and for your will to be done on this Earth.

Global Topics

Give the nations across the globe the beauty of the news of forgiveness and restored relationship with you. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! We pray you would spread your Word abroad, that it would catch like wildfire in places like the Middle East, Sudan, North Korea, and China. We pray again for the thousands of people who are trapped in Wuhan, China under lockdown, living amidst the fear of disease and death – God, unleash the power of your Word! Save in the midst of destruction! Ps 46 tells us that you are refuge in times of trouble. Be a refuge today for the people of Wuhan

National Topics

Here in the States, rally us to a cause that is greater than a political process or system. We desperately want your heart, God, when it comes to this country. Teach us to live like aliens and strangers in a foreign land when it comes to our ultimate allegiances and help us as citizens of a heavenly country to long for the return of our King Jesus. We pray for our national leaders, that you will turn their hearts toward you. Move in our midst and give us revival in this day.

Local Topics

We specifically pray for our friends and co-laborers in the other gathered churches this morning. We pray for Tyler Johnson, Aaron Dailey, Luke Simmons, and the Elders over the Redemption Campuses. We pray for the spiritual fruit of their ministry, for the gospel to be proclaimed and embraced, and for the impact it will have on this city. Fill them with vision and joy and energy for the work before them. Keep them unified as they pastor several campuses in an increasingly fractured world.

Fellowship Topics

And for us, we pray this morning that you will meet our church in this place. That we would not be distracted from our true purpose or deceived into believing that there is a better hope for life than what’s found in you, God. We pray for healing and spiritual renewal for Nicole Buxton. We pray for a successful transition to Germany for the Campbell family. We pray for the preparations for the upcoming Rancho 3M Trip and for the Jayme Miller as she prepares for long-term missions training with Radius International. Give us each the heart to love and serve you in our place and open wide the door for the gospel, in Jesus name, Amen.