Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, April 12, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, April 12, 2020

We praise you, our God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We gather, humbled by Your great mercy toward us, experiencing the fruit of being born again as children to a hope that lives because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Our lives are new and we have everything to live for. We have an inheritance. One that will not perish. One that is undefiled. One that will never fade. We long for the the day when we will be in Your presence and experience that inheritance in the fullness of Your glory. We are filled with hope of these future promises and we delight and battle and rest – even now, knowing that in our times of trouble, and our times of blessing, You are keeping careful watch over us and the future.

On this day of celebration we are reminded of the earthly ministry of Your Son, Jesus from Nazareth.
In Him, we see Your fullness as the long awaited Prophet. His word is Your word and He speaks with all authority. His prophetic words are the final law of life… establishing truth and interpreting what is right and what is wrong for all of mankind. We cannot leave You, “to whom else would we go? You, alone, have the words of eternal life.”
In Him, Your only begotten Son, we see Your fullness as the Messiah, Christ, the long awaited, anointed King. In Him Your Kingdom is established, in His hand He holds the scepter of perfect rule and divine purpose. We cannot deny You, “you are the Christ King, the Son of the living God.”

We are struck by the truth that You, The Prophet-King, purposed to show Your glory in salvation by entering Jerusalem to suffer, be killed on a cross – at the very hand of those You came to save, then to rise again. We look back on this suffering and death and cannot forget the unutterable, immeasurable, unfathomable darkness of those days and nights, and the hopelessness of Your followers – thinking that the Prophet is dead, so His teaching is moot; that the King is dead, so His Kingdom is impossible.

But today, in wonder and awe, we look at Easter through the lens of resurrection. We don’t lose sight of the vulgarity of the Cross and the sin that erected it—but our eyes are open afresh to the Cross – flaming with the light of the glory of Your grace. Burning brightly as a place of priesthood where You dealt with sin and death on our behalf. You donned the crimson priestly robe of shed blood, took our sin and offered Yourself as the final sacrifice, spilling Your blood to cover our sins, then rising on the third day – turning the dreaded Cross into a shining Tree. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Today, resurrection Sunday, we are filled with great joy and living hope – celebrating the High Priest, who lives, Christ Jesus our Sovereign Lord, who defeated death on the cross and established a Kingdom that will last forever. Amen