Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 03, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 03, 2020

Praise and Thanksgiving

Lord God, all of Your works ascribe thanks to you, we Your saints praise You and worship You. We speak of the glory of your kingdom, we tell of your power so that all will know Your mighty deeds, and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures from generation to generation. You, LORD are faithful in all your words and kind in all Your works.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused countries around the world to take urgent measures to stem the spread of infection. Threat is imminent and fear abounds but Your Kingdom does not falter, Your dominion endures so we come to You in bold, confident prayer asking that it would be by Your Kingly Words that we live. We ask that, rather than allowing us to wallow in misery and trepidation, You would cause us to bask in the kindness of all that You do.

Bring the children of men to their knees and save them into Your great and good works.

Global Topics

You are the Most High. You are glorious, Lord, and You alone are to be feared. You are The Great King over North Korea, China, Iran. You reign over The United States and the U.K. Not one place on this earth is not subject to Your dominion. We desire that Your gospel will be preached clearly throughout the world so that the people of all nations sing praises to You as King. We know Lord that there are many who have not heard Your gospel proclaimed in their own language. Send Your saints to all people and equip them to declare the joy of treasuring You in their own tongue so that they might sing praises to You, the King. To that end, Lord, we thank you for the vital missionary training provided by our friends at Radius International. We ask that you would continue to strengthen the leadership, staff and instructors, that you would bring the right people with the talents and experiences needed to prepare future missionaries to clearly proclaim Your gospel to unreached peoples. We ask that you sustain and empower the past, current and future students, including our own Jayme Miller. Help them to faithfully continue their journey toward reaching the nations and to be attentive to the leading of Your Spirit. Let all of this happen for Your Name’s sake, for it is You who sits on the throne and rules over all.

National Topics

In our own country Lord the buzz is all about opening up America again. We know that this requires wisdom and we know that true wisdom comes from You, the good King who reigns. Grant our nation wisdom.
Grant us wisdom, so that through us You might heal and help those who have been infected and fallen ill.
Grant us wisdom so that the virus would be contained.
Grant us wisdom so that the physically vulnerable will be protected from suffering and death Grant us wisdom so that those who are economically vulnerable will be provided for.
Grant us wisdom so that the strong and unaffected will be loving, generous and self aware and willing to disadvantage themselves for the advantage of others.
Grant us wisdom so that our scientific community will capture and evaluate data in a clear, helpful way that helps us take strategic action.
Grant us wisdom so that our information outlets will be committed to communicating truth.
Grant us wisdom so that we as a people will not fall into sensationalism or extreme positions that hinder right action.
Grant us wisdom so that we will be a people marked by strength of character rather than anxiety and panic.
Grant us wisdom so that we can open up America with shouts of praise that exalt You as the one, glorious giver of true wisdom.

Local Topics

Locally we are anxious to get back to work, to see people and be together. We desire, Lord, that workers across all industries who are facing layoffs and financial hardship will be comforted by the King of comfort. We desire, Lord, that our healthcare system will take steps and have the resources to be robust, capable of serving our people. Have Your hand on our elected officials to make decisions that solve problems and guard them from choices that create new problems. Sharpen our thinking as Arizonans so we can engage economically in a practical, strategic balanced way… soon! Inspire Your churches here in our region; The Redemption Churches, Redeeming Grace Church in Goodyear, Trinity Bible Church, Crossroads Church, Crosspoint Baptist, The Way Church, The Church on Mill and so many other faithful proclaimers of Your gospel. Inspire us to be a beacon of wisdom and love as we generously support each other and our communities. Help us to take advantage of the platform that You have given, so that we might boldly and effectively declare the glorious alternative to angst and despair. Peace in You. Use us to declare the glory of Your kingdom, and the peace and bold humility that marks its citizens.

Fellowship Topics

Lord, resting in the hand of Your sovereign power, we ask that you will reveal Yourself as the Healer and Comforter of the suffering within our own church. Heal those who are battling cancer, comfort those who are ill, calm anxious hearts and let us see Your strength in our weakness. Give victory to those battling the idolatry of substance abuse. Be with those who are alone and protect them from loneliness. Guard us from bad entertainment choices. Give us self-control and make us spiritually healthy. Increase our physical health. You are the giver of all good things, protect the businesses of our people, make our business owners wise in You, Grant them favor and help them to survive and even flourish. We know You are glorified in such things. Glorify Yourself and we will sing praises of thanksgiving to You.

As children of King Jesus, who sits on the throne and rules over all nations who. we ask all these things. Amen