Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 17, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 17, 2020

Prayer based on Psalm 145

We extol you, our God and King, we bless your name forever and ever. Every day we will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.

Lord You are Great, and greatly to be praised, Your greatness is unsearchable. You hold all the nations of earth in Your hand. You make peace between enemies. By Your breath kingdoms fall. You reign. At Your will, all authority is subject to Your justice and mercy. You oppose evil regimes and You exalt the humble. Sustain our brothers and sisters, Your people across the globe who suffer under the tyranny of prideful, evil acting governments. Strengthen their resolve and cause them to reveal Your glory as they suffer. Make them flourish in the joy and hope that spills from you unrivaled greatness.

From generation to generation, history declares Your mighty works and all nations commend Your mighty acts. The eyes of all mankind are set on calamity and suffering and all the while, the splendor of Your Majesty and the wonder of Your works remain steadfast and are even illuminated as they push out the darkness of sinful humanity and Your righteous wrath. For Your people, open the eyes of their heart so that they might meditate upon Your greatness, that they might be stunned by Your loving Kindness

Let us be a country that speaks freely of the might of Your awesome deeds. Do not turn Your back on us and we will pour forth the fame of Your abundant goodness. We will sing aloud of your righteousness. We are a prideful, arrogant, fearful nation and You, Our God and King, are gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. You, Lord, are good to all and Your mercy is over all that You have made. Show us Your mercy, open our eyes and cause us to repent. Then we will be a nation, a people that will give thanks to you. Make us a nation of saints and we will bless You.

Show Yourself, King Jesus, as the sovereign who saves and we will speak of the glory of your kingdom to our children. We will tell of Your mighty deeds and Your power. Our children will know the glorious splendor and enduring dominion of Your everlasting kingdom. They will sing of Your faithfulness in all Your words and the kindness in all Your works.

You uphold all who are falling. You raise up those who are bowed down. We bow before You and as You raise us up we look to You, and You give us everything we need at just the right time. Your open hand satisfies the desire of every living thing. You, Lord, are righteous in all Your ways and kind in all Your works.

In fear and reverent awe, we call upon You in truth, come near to us. Hear our cry and save us. Our hearts long to love You deeply, preserve us and destroy the wicked and we will praise Your holy name for ever and ever.