Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 31, 2020

Grace Church AZ Prayer for Sunday, May 31, 2020

Lord, Your power is infinite and Your wisdom is sure. Order our lives, orient our hearts to Your holiness so our discouragement and confusion will not hinder the progress of Your cause. Stand between us and the strife of these days, let no evil befall us, let not the sin of self-righteousness corrupt our zeal for Your Kingdom and Your righteousness. With the glorious weight of Your majesty, cause us to obey You with joy and love You without hesitation.

Steer us away from foolish, self serving judgement that brings about chaos and every evil thing. Bring justice to bear in our land, and lead us to peace. Replace our disgruntled complaints with shouts of humble thanksgiving. Protect us from ourselves and guide our paths as we follow Your commandments. Give us strength and clarity of the principles, Your principles upon which we stand. Season our labor with Your blessing. Drive our efforts toward Your glory so we might taste that You are good. We offer to You our very lives with great amazement, knowing that it is by Your power and grace that we have anything to offer.

Be near to us, draw us into Your most secret place, under Your shadow, where true safety resides. You are our refuge. You are our fortress. Your protection never wavers and cannot be overcome. Because You are with us; we are not only safe from present calamity but we are able to step into it with courage and wisdom and confidence and strength. May that mark us as Your people for Your name’s sake.

No strife that comes from the tongues of man, nor the malice of ill-will, nor hurt of unkind talk will keep us from fearing You, and You alone. Your divine holiness fills our vision and consumes our hearts. We do not fear the judgement of man nor difficult circumstances because Your love inspires awe and the perfection of Your love casts out the fears of this world. Father God, let us embrace these times as an opportunity to pour out our hearts to you – proclaiming with our lips and believing in our hearts that you alone are our refuge. You alone are our salvation and our glory.

Fill Grace Church with gratitude and joyful charity as we anticipate gathering together soon. Unite us in the cause for Your glory. Make us generous, sacrificial and winsome so that we might be a pleasing aroma to You. You are the Savior, protect our families, save our children. You are the Provider, let us not easily forget Your faithfulness as we experience financial difficulty. You are the Healer, draw us into dependence on you and lead us to Your peace when our physical bodies fail us. You are the Giver, make us generous, loving people full of comfort and peace so that we might exalt Your glorious name.

Shower us with Your love, protect us in trouble and replace our worldly fears with deep affection for You.