LOOKING BACK (Hebrews 2:9-18)

We followed the writer’s argument as he showed us all that Jesus became, and all He successfully undertook in order to be our Perfect Savior. We broke the passage down under these headings:

    • Jesus the Substitute (v9)
    • Jesus the Trailblazer (v10)
    • Jesus the Brother Maker (11-13)
    • Jesus the Satan Crusher (14-15)
    • Jesus the Sympathizer (16-18)

We were comforted to realize that there couldn’t possibly be a better Savior than the One we have, and to be reminded just how much He cares for us, given what He went through to be our Perfect Savior!


LOOKING AHEAD (Job 36:24–37:15)

We’re looking forward to having Tony Reinke bring God’s Word to us on Sunday – please pray for his preparation and delivery of the message!

Also please pray for our elders as they are on retreat this weekend, seeking to know the Lord’s will in the life and ministry of the church.