Our Partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches

In early 2018 the Elders of Grace Church began a process of evaluating our partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches (SGC). Nearly a year later, on January 17, 2019, we initiated our withdrawal from SGC. As of March 1, 2019, Grace Church is no longer a member of the denomination.

Our decision to withdraw from formal partnership with SGC came after many months of prayer and earnest discussions, during which we attempted to work through our differences and express our concerns, first with fellow pastors, then more formally within our Region, and ultimately with SGC leadership.

Our concerns fall mostly into two categories: 1) SGC’s response to the ongoing allegations of widespread mishandling of sexual abuse cases within SGC churches1, and 2) growing disagreement with aspects of the SGC Book of Church Order (BCO). We have communicated these reasons in detail to both SGC leadership and the members of our local church. We do not intend to discuss them in a public forum. If you are a member of Grace Church and still have questions about the decision to dissolve our partnership with SGC, we are happy to talk through the details. In that case, please contact us at info@gracechurchaz.org.

As we have reflected on our long history as an SGC member church, we are grateful for the many ways in which we have benefited. We consider many still in SGC to be friends and co-laborers in the Gospel. We are committed to praying for SGC as we leave.

By God’s grace we are moving forward into a new chapter for our church, but our mission remains the same: to spread the joy of treasuring Christ in all of life.


Chris Daukas & Jamie Self
Elders, Grace Church



1 Nothing in this statement is meant to be interpreted as representing a judgment regarding the ongoing allegations themselves.